Point To Point Limo Vancouver

Hourly and point-to-point limo service has gained a lot of popularity these days. These services are widely used by people as they are highly convenient and feasible. Often people consider these two services to be the same but they are entirely different. In hourly limo service, you are charged based on the number of hours you get the limo service whereas in point-to-point limo service, you get transportation service just between two points. According to the requirements and needs, people choose between the two. At Tommy Limo, we provide both hourly and point-to-point limo services to our clients. Hourly Limo service is highly preferred when you have several meetings scheduled or have a fully planned day wherein you require an all-time transportation service waiting for you. This helps you to arrive at your meetings without any delay and further allows you to carry forward your work smoothly.

Chauffeured Transportation Service

At Tommy Limo, we invest in seasoned drivers who are highly skilled and experienced. Their commitment and dedication are some of the surface reasons for the successful execution. They ensure to provide you with a safe and secure ride in limo bus to your destination and are highly generous.

Well-maintained Fleet Of Vehicles

In the matter of maintenance or upkeep, we at Tommy Limo, follow strict quality controls. We ensure regular cleaning of our vehicles and provide limos in pristine condition for transportation services.

Easy Booking Mechanism

With Tommy Limo, booking an hourly limo service and point-to-point limo service is highly convenient and easy. You don’t need to get into any hassle or comprehensive procedures.

So, what are you waiting for? Travel in utmost comfort and style with us. At Tommy Limo, we ensure your safety and privacy are not compromised at any cost.
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